If there was ever an excuse for a pasta crawl, this is it. Montreal Pasta Fest starts May 11. 19 restaurants on the island, North and South Shores have created special pasta dishes for the occasion.

Organizers have billed the fest as « the largest celebration of pastas in the greater Montreal area. » The goal is to showcase local pasta-makers and give Montrealers an opportunity to discover area Italian restaurants.

In addition to specialty pastas, participating restaurants will join in a friendly competition to create the perfect Carbonara, noodles coated in an egg and Pecorino cheese sauce and topped with bacon. Italian chef Mario Cioffi will judge the winner.

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La plus grande célébration des pâtes alimentaire et de ses créateurs en ville. Du 11 au 24 mai 2023, découvrez les meilleurs restaurants de pâtes de la grande région de Montréal et de Québec.

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